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The National Ribat University (NRU) has commenced its journey by virtue of Allah and efforts of scholars and leaders who have instituted the first adobes and the solid scientific bases on 24th Safar 1420 corresponding 18th, June 1999 in accordance with the report of the committee of conception and laws to establish of a University that would be concerned with policing and other sciences. The committee was formed in conformity with the ministerial decision No (62) for the year 1999 chaired by Prof. Zubeir Bashir Taha, the former Minister of Interior and the Minister of Higher Education at that time. They exerted great scientific efforts marked by perfect and sound planning, with future prospective for this new University. 1st Lt. General (Engineer) Abdulrahim Mohamed Hussein, the President of the University council the founder, who has a commanding and prominent role in establishing this edifice.
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  • Admission Requirements Details
  • Historical background Details
  • Graduation payments 67-20-47 Details
  • Historical Background Details
  • Introduction and acceptance of the Faculty of Architecture Details
  • Historical background Rcellih Architecture University of Rabat Details
  • Visit Mr. Rector and Vice Rector and Assistant Rector for Academic Affairs Details
  • First class graduates ceremony Details
  • Graduation 45 technicians - and 18 security Details
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Last Scientific Research
  • حكم التصرف في الأعضاء البشرية بالنقل والإتجار بين الفقه والقانون Details
  • فعالية برنامج التثقيف الصحي لمعلمي مرحلة الأساس عن مقدرتهم في التعامل مع الأطفال المصابين بمرض السكري Details
  • الضبط الإجتماعي في الإسلام ودوره في تحقيق العدالة الجنائية Details
  • Anatomical Variations of the Dorsalis Pedis Artery in Khartoum State Medical Colleges_ A Cadavers Study Details
  • التحليل النفسي للسلوك الإجرامي في مسرح الجريمة كدالة على المجرم Details
  • The Effect of Acacia Nilotica on the Female Genital System of Albino Rats (Rattus Norvegicus) A thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the PhD degree in Human & Clinical Anatomy Details
  • Study of left kidney to spleen ratio in children of Aljazeera state Details
  • Accuracy Of Gestational Age By Head Circumference And Femur Length In Third Trimester Using Ultrasonography Details

Physiology Lectures


  • Mohamed Hassan Sayed Mohamed
  • Waleed Ibrahim Osman Ibrahim
  • ELgasim ELamin Elnima Ali
  • Awad Hammad Malik Arbab
  • Shamsoun Khamis Kafi
  • Lamia Salah al-Din Mohammed Ibrahim
  • Amal Musa Mohamed Nour
  • Osman Mohamed Ahmed Hammad Secretary
  • Osman Ahamed Osman Mohammed
  • Abdal-Latif Ashmaig Khalifa
  • Nasr al-Din Hussein
  • Abdullah Mohammed Hassan Abdul Aziz
  • Yahya Mohamed Ahmed Imam Ali
  • Tayeb Mohamed Ahmed Tirab
  • Kamal Eldin Elbadawi Babiker Abd Elmagid
  • Tayeb Ibrahim
  • Prof. Abu-Bakr Ibrahim Ahmed
  • Mohammed Ibrahim
  • Elimam Awadelkarim Khalid Mahdi
  • Ismail ahmed eltayeb ismail
  • Mohamed Elawed Mohamed